World Investor Week 2017

World Investor Week (WIW) is a week-long global campaign promoted by International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO) to raise awareness about the importance of investor education and protection and highlight the various initiatives of securities regulators in these two critical areas. From 2-8 October 2017, IOSCO securities regulators and other IOSCO members in six continents are providing a range of activities such as launching investor-focused communications and services, promoting contests to increase awareness of investor education initiatives, organizing workshops and conferences, and conducting local/national campaigns in their own jurisdictions.


Objectives of WIW (CMDA)

  • Increase awareness about investor education and protection.
  • Disseminate information about initiatives of CMDA in empowering investors for investor protection.
  • Provide a platform for two-way communication through social media to receive feedback from investors and provide assistance in increasing understanding of investor rights and market regulations in relation to investor protection.


World Investor Week Activities and Events

CMDA Facebook Quiz


The Capital Market Quiz is one of the activities planned to be carried out during the World Investor Week from 2-8 October 2017.


The Quiz is open to individuals owning a Facebook account in the Maldives.


The Quiz takes place from 2-8 October 2017 and the quiz is designed to include questions that will enhance public understanding of fundamentals of securities market. Answers to each day’s question are to be submitted before 2300 hrs that day. 


Eligible Facebook account holders could answer the questions set for each of the seven days of WIW. Of the participants who sent answers to the posted questions, a winner will be randomly selected from those who get the most answers correct.


One winner will be selected through the draw from the participants who have obtained the highest score. CMDA will notify the winner via the contact information provided. If the winner fails to communicate with CMDA within 30 days after the announcement, a second name in the draw will be selected as the winner.


CMDA will award the winner a grand prize consisting of a cash prize of MVR 1,000 (One Thousand Rufiyaa) and Ooredoo Data Dongle with 20 GB Data.

Capital market awareness session for the students of Faculty of Education, Maldives National University
Date: 3rd October 2017
Half day session conducted for the undergraduate students of Faculty of Education, Maldives National University. This session will focus on how stock market works in the Maldives and the current state of Islamic finance in the Maldives.
Islamic finance awareness session for the students of Faculty of Islamic Studies, Maldives National University
Date: 7th October 2017
The purpose of this programme is to create awareness on Islamic finance basics, contracts and products which are used in the Maldives.
Programme on Trading and Investing in Securities for general public
Date: 8th October 2017
The purpose of this programme is to create awareness about trading and investing in securities through secondary market.
Awareness activities for the islanders of K. Atoll Maafushi
Date: 8th & 9th October 2017
The purpose of the trip is to create awareness about savings and investment in rural communities. Savings and investment opportunities at the local and country level in order to get a better return for the savings. This will be done through three programmes.
  1. Women’s Development Co-operations
  2. Employees from different institutions
  3. Secondary grade students


Public Report on World Investor Week 2017 - Maldives