About ICDS

Institute of Corporate Directors and Secretaries (ICDS) is a training institute established by CMDA with the aim to raise corporate governance (CG) standards in companies and help directors and secretaries carry out their duties and responsibilities more effectively, and ultimately, to promote a more vibrant and attractive capital market in the Maldives.


“Leadership in effective corporate governance in the Maldives”


“To be a member institute that will professionalise the work of directors and secretaries so they may add value to their organizations and adopt the highest standards of corporate governance” 

Training Programmes

The two training programmes conducted by ICDS on a regular basis are the:
  • Directors Training Programme
  • Company Secretaries Training Programme
targeting directors and secretaries of companies listed on the Maldives Stock Exchange, state owned enterprises and interested private companies & individuals.
The training programmes of ICDS are designed to enhance knowledge, skills and values demanded by modern corporate governance practices among the corporate directors & secretaries. The programmes of ICDS are revised ever year to include the most current CG modules/topics. For training related inquiries please contact 7923151.

Directors Training Programme

This programme covers directors’ responsibilities, liabilities, and best practice in the boardroom with a focus on corporate governance, duties and responsibilities of directors and its relation to the efficient performance in commensuration to the CG code and other regulations in the Maldives such as the Companies Act, Taxation and Anti-corruption. This is to equip directors with tools to help them exercise reasonable and informed oversight over the management and financial performance of the company.
This programme will further enhance decision making and analytical skills along with knowledge on business ethics, taxation and such.

Company Secretaries Training Programme

The role of a Company Secretary is evolving with the ever-changing business landscape. A Company Secretary plays the role of a mediator between the company and its Board of Directors, the government, shareholders, regulatory authorities and stakeholders. While ensuring that board procedures are effective, the Company Secretary also advises Boards on their statutory duties under the law extending to corporate governance requirements and best practices and help Boards with their relationship with the management.
This 2-day Programme equips existing Company Secretaries and individuals interested in becoming a Company Secretary, with knowledge of the Companies Act, Corporate Governance, and best practices to advise the Board of Directors whose conduct will significantly affect how companies are run.

Other Programmes

Apart from conducting the directors & secretaries training programme, ICDS collaborates and partners with other organizations in their efforts for creating CG awareness, and in educating the stakeholders on the evolving best practices of CG.

Programmes Offered for this Year